GBT Angus 2 Yr Old Aberdeen Angus Bull Sale
  March 14 , 2018 to March 16 , 2018

  Welcome to our annual online 2 year old bull sale. This is a commercially orientad program with real cattleman values bred into every bull. Our offering is neither over fed or over fit. We hope this makes it easier for you to evaluate, as they are in their "working cloths". Please don't hesitate to call to discuss the offering (306-577-9141).  Our website is also available at

 **Catalog order is sale order - Bulls are cataloged and sell in order of birth.** 

Auction Dates/Times: Start: March 14, 2018 2:00 PM Eastern
Close: March 16, 2018 8:00 PM Eastern
Auction Description:

  A little about our program and the bulls:

  This, our 25th year of seedstock production, is our complete herd bull offering of the 2016 model year. None of our bulls are offered prior to this sale and none are held back or saved for other purposes. These bulls represent a true no frills, commercially oriented seedstock operation. You will find these bulls to be grown and developed rather than fattened (we have no desire for repeat business due to credit). Exercise is instrumental in proper development so we push our bulls to forage for themselves. This particular group of bulls started grazing in April and came home just before Christmas. Winter development continues by not confining them to a pen. They typically walk a half mile or more between their water and feed sources. Once again, no hair or feet have been trimmed on our bulls. 

  The mothers and sisters to these bulls graze eight plus months a year on perennials and calve mostly unsupervised  on pasture in May/June. We red flag and cull any cattle that posses: poor feet, udders, require assistance with calving, nursing or fail to wean a calf, have poor disposition or maternal skill, etc.

  Take special note of our pedigrees. We bring very few outside cattle and pride ourselves on breeding largely our own genetics. Because we never chase fads or trendy cattle of the day, our genetics  are a more predictable, unique alternative.  Optimising productive efficiencies in our herd and within our environment parameters has been our goal the past 25 years.  We hope you find the same value when implementing these cattle into your herd. 

**Catalog order is sale order - Bulls are cataoged and sell in order of birth.** 



  Terms are cash or cheque in Canadian funds. GBT Angus will issue invoices upon close of the sale with balances due within 30 days. We will do our utmost best to house and feed the cattle with the best of intentions until delivery/pickup but assume no risk, financially or otherwise from the close of a lot forward. Although not manditory, we strongly encourage the new purchases to be insured.

 All bulls and their dams are vaccinated for IBR, BVD, PI3 on an annual basis.

 Bulls were dewormed with Ivermectin February 2, 20018. 

Delivery Options:

  Free delivery within a 400km radius of GBT Angus. Any mileage above that, charged $1.00/loaded km.

  Bulls will be kept free of charge until April 1st. Bulls are welcome to stay after April 1st but will be charged a daily fee of $3.00/animal.

  Please call Trevor or Cheryl with any further questions: 306 577 9141 or 306 435 7785. 

Contact: Trevor, Cheryl Branvold
Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada
306-577-9141 306-739-2924