Elston Lone Tree Ranch
  March 20 , 2018 to March 22 , 2018

We have a strong offering of 54 long-age and yearling Angus bulls. These bulls have been developed on a 36 mega-cal ration. They’re muscular, sound, and maintain foot structure. This gives them the ability to travel and breed. In this offering, we have a large number of embryo bulls; giving you the opportunity to purchase full brothers.  We believe our bulls will be an asset to any cattle program.

In our operation, the goal is to raise cows which are fertile, functional, and consistent. We strive to maintain a herd with good disposition and that is efficient. The results are cows that raise big calves.  Again, we are using EDJE Auction (www.edjeauctions.com) along with Bill Pelton Marketing (www.billpelton.com.) Register for the auction online at at edjeauctions.com and click on Elston Lone Tree Ranch auction. Please register early and be sure to read “How the Auction Works” page. There is important information regarding the online auction process.

New this year, we will be having an Open House on Thursday, March 15 starting at 2:00pm. You will be able to view the bulls and enjoy a meal. Also, we will be available to assist you in registering for the auction.

Remember, you are always welcome to come view this offering anytime before the sale ends.

We appreciate you taking the time to view what we believe to be a strong, consistent offering!

- Wes and Michele Elston

Auction Dates/Times: Start: March 20, 2018 12:00 AM Eastern
Close: March 22, 2018 8:00 PM Eastern
Auction Description: 54 Two Year Old & Yearling Angus Bulls
Terms: Health: Prior to the sale all bulls will have passed PI BVD test and semen evaluation performed by Dr. Greg Carlson, Southwood Veterinary Clinic in Jamestown, ND. The bulls will be vaccinated with Fusogard (foot rot) vac and Piliguard Pinkeye + Trivalent. Weights & Scrotals: Sale day weights and scrotal measurements will be available one week prior to sale at elstoncattle.com or billpelton.com EPD’s as of February 1, 2018 Retained Interest: Elston Lone Tree Ranch is retaining 1/3 revenue sharing interest in all bulls selling. Full salvage value belongs to the buyer. Should we, the seller, wish to collect semen on any of the bulls it would be at the sellers expense and the buyers convenience. Base Price: All bulls have a base price of $3,000. Volume Discount: Any bulls selling for $3500 or more are eligible for a volume discount. Ex: buy 2 bulls…one $3000 and 1 $3500 No Discount. Buy 2 bulls each $3500+ 2% discount; 3 bulls each $3500+ 3% discount, 5 bulls or more each at $3500+ 5% discount. Terms: Payment will be due to Elston Lone Tree Ranch within 7 days of the auction close. Edje Auction will email winning bidders an invoice payable to: Elston Lone Tree Ranch. If additional invoice copies are needed, please contact Wes. Guarantee: Elston Lone Tree Ranch will guarantee that the bulls selling to be breeders and pass a fertility test. If a problem arises with any bull, contact us. We will work with any problems on a case by case system. Bill Pelton offers insurance for livestock.
Delivery Options: Delivery: Free up to 500 miles, over 500 at cost. We will start delivery after April 1st. If bulls are picked up prior to April 10th, $25 per head will be paid back. Bulls will be delivered with proper health papers.
Contact: Wes Elston
Spiritwood, ND
(701) 490-6810