Ipsen Cattle Company Production Sale
  March 01 , 2022 to March 01 , 2022
Welcome to Ipsen Cattle Company's annual production sale!  45 years of selling bulls! We are offering Fall Angus and Hereford bulls as well as a selection of fall bred heifers. We use AI and Embryo Transfer in our herd to utilize the best genetics available today that can stand up to our harsh Bear Lake climate.  We welcome you to come by the ranch and look at the bulls we have available at anytime.  Video and photographs were taken of each lot in November, 2021. You know what will work best for your situation and we will let you make those decisions.   Time listed here is Eastern...note that the auction starts at 7:00 am MST and ends 7:00 pm MST.
Auction Dates/Times: Start: March 01, 2022 8:00 AM Eastern
Close: March 01, 2022 8:00 PM Eastern
Auction Description:

The online auction format allows you to bid in the privacy of your own home without having to travel and be absent from your own operation.  We encourage you to stop by the ranch and view the sale offering at any time. Videos will be available of each lot.

The auction will be open for 12 hours with a horse race style finish.  Meaning if there is any activity on one or more of the lots within 5 minutes of closing then all lots will remain open until there is no further activity.

All animals sale under the general terms and conditions of the American Angus or American Hereford Associations.  All animals become the buyers’ property as soon as sold and will be cared for until delivered at the buyers’ risk.  We encourage placing insurance on your purchases at the time of sale to cover your investment.  We will have contact with an agent for this purpose at sale time.            

First season breeding guarantee on all bulls.  First breeding season is defined as 90 days from first turn out.  All bulls are guaranteed against injury that would keep them from being a breeder for the first breeding season.  If a problem occurs, contact us immediately.  A suitable replacement (if available) will be provided OR a credit of 75% of purchase price minus salvage value will be given at next year’s sale.  This guarantee does not cover the death of the bull or any treatable condition, such as foot rot, pinkeye, etc.  All claims must be made by September 1, 2022.   This guarantee ends as of September 1, 2022.  We assume no liability, legal or otherwise, to make further compensation to the buyer.  No other warranty of any nature is expressed or implied.    All injuries must be diagnosed by a certified veterinarian.  We will not be responsible for breeding soundness after the first breeding season.  Insurance will be available to purchase on all lots at the time of the sale.  At the option of the purchaser we will pay 50% of the cost of the premium for one (1) year.  If this option is taken it will take the place of our ranch guarantee and no further guarantee is offered.


 Full payment due upon possession of bull or female.  You will be invoiced after the close of the sale.   Make payments to Ipsen Cattle Company at the time of delivery upon your full approval of purchases.  We will start calling successful purchasers the day after the sale to gather all information that will be needed in the transfer and delivery of your animals.      

Herd Health is excellent and under the care of Dr. Daniel Erickson.  Individual Health Papers will be provided for shipment anywhere.

All Bulls will be semen tested and will have passed a breeding soundness evaluation.  They will also be BVD tested neg.  Bulls selling will be virgin bulls unless otherwise stated in the footnotes. 

 Females will be preg checked by a certified veterinarian.  Heifers sell safe in calf with no further guarantee. 

Registration certificates will be transferred to buyer at seller’s expense.  Please leave specific transfer instruction, preferably association issued breeder number if possible.  Females that carry calves from sires that are not owned by Ipsen Cattle Company will not be furnished AI certificates on resulting calves.

Delivery Options: We will deliver free of charge to your ranch or a place acceptable to buyer within a 300 mile radius of our ranch.  All other deliveries outside that 300 mile radius we will do all we can to get them to a central location or will meet your truck to make delivery as easy as possible and at an actual cost of delivery.  Delivery will start as soon after the sale as we can put loads together.  Some states require additional or different tests than Idaho.  We will start these tests the day after the sale and will care for animals free of charge until we can get all requirements met to make delivery on your purchased animal. 
Contact: Ipsen Cattle Company Production Sale
Dingle, Idaho
208-681-4794 208-681-4793