2022 GBT Angus 2 Year Old Bull Sale
  March 16 , 2022 to March 18 , 2022

  Welcome and thank you for taking the time to evaluate our catalogue and offering. We hope everyone is getting their share of snow. It sure raises optimism that we will once again have some fresh, full dugouts and lush green grass come spring. 

  It’s been ten years since our first offering through this online bidding format and has since proven to be a new way of marketing cattle. We, and by all reports you, our customer, still enjoy the simplicity, convenience, and cost effectiveness of it. This, and allowing our customers to determine the value of our bulls has really been the highlight and goal since its inception.

  Again, the bulls are developed and presented without the big push on feed and have never had their feet or hair trimmed. We value transparency in our program and believe the cattle need to be evaluated for what they truly are. We don't conduct “bull tests” to determine gain-ability either. This is actually an oxymoron and is an outdated method that leads producers down the wrong path. A bull “test” actually removes challenges and rather, gives animals every opportunity to succeed. This only has merit in a world of low costs and lord knows that world is far behind us. Instead, we prefer to “test” through our cows, managing them under real commercial conditions. Every bull we offer, sells without the assistance of calving or nursing and is from a mom that calves on time and sports good feet and udder. She also grazes year round in the most economical fashion. We feel a bull gleaned from this way of testing has more real producer value than any gain test could have. Just like BSE reminded us of how important controlling expenses is, we are once again reminded of this with today's absurd costs of fuel, fertilizer, feed, parts, and the list goes on.  Being the most cost efficient with solid winter feeding strategies, good grazing practices and utilizing genetics to help fit into those kind of production practices are far more relevant to profitability than the past belief of bigger, better, faster. We believe our cattle are well aligned and most suited with today's cattlemen’s needs; more so, than many of the alternatives available.

  You will notice that we don't use an extended list of superlatives to build up our bulls. We prefer you make your own judgement and depiction of them. It's easy to throw fancy terms around but the meat is in the cows and cow families behind these guys.  Giving insight to each bulls maternal make up and past production efforts we feel is more beneficial.

  Since we don't chase performance extremes and our cows and heifers calve out on grass, many if not all these bulls can be considered for use on either cows or heifers. We don't perpetuate calving issues. We cull any females requiring assistance. This even goes for our first calving heifers. We put a lot of effort into maximizing consistency and predictability by resisting genetic variation through breeding the traits of most economic importance. Utilize our scoring system, videos, pictures and brief notes on the cows and cow families of the bulls. If you require added clarity, please don't hesitate to call, or visit with any questions you may have.

Auction Dates/Times: Start: March 16, 2022 8:00 PM Eastern
Close: March 18, 2022 7:00 PM Eastern
Auction Description: This offering represents the complete set of 2020 born bulls. No bulls will be sold prior to this sale which gives everyone equel opportunity to own the bulls they desire.  
Terms: Terms/Delivery/Boarding/Insurance/Liability/Herd Health: Terms: Terms for the sale are cash, cheque or e-transfer to be paid upon receipt of invoice following sale. Funds are in Canadian dollars. U.S funds will be accepted at current rate of exchange. Delivery: Free delivery is offered within 400 km radius of GBT Angus on any purchases of cattle. Any additional mileage will be charged at $1/km. As things tend get busy during May, we prefer to complete deliveries prior to May.1st. Please discuss delivery arrangements with us. Boarding: GBT will keep your purchase free of charge until April 1,2022. Any required time thereafter, a charge of $3/day/animal will be charged. We strongly encourage bulls being left at GBT Angus to be insured as we will not be responsible for death or injury. Please discuss your boarding requirements with us. Insurance: We strongly encourage you to place insurance on your purchases immediately after the sale as we are not responsible for any death or injury whatsoever. Liability: GBT Angus; Trevor, Cheryl, Brett, Carter Branvold or any other person involved with them assume no responsibility for injury, damage or death to any person, possessions or belongings while visiting or handling cattle on or off our premises. Herd Health: All cattle selling have been vaccinated, dewormed, and passed a veterinarian inspection and semen evaluation.
Delivery Options: Free delivery on all purchases within 400 km radius of GBT Angus. Mileage beyond 400km is charged at $1/loaded km. Please make arrangements with us.
Contact: Trevor, Cheryl Branvold
Wawota, Saskatchewan
306-577-9141 306-435-7785